My name is Ashley:: Ash-ley \ˈash-lē\
and I want to be free.

They call me
“romantic” with
knives between
their lips, as if I am
asking for each word
to be built from the
ground from flower
beds and open

They do not
my romance.

I want to be strung
up by my ankles,
ripped open, emptied,
and told that what
I am made of is
beautiful, even as it
stains the kitchen
floor, your skin, our

There is infinite
romance in truth.

I do not want to be
bottled, gathering
time in your shelves
until your birthday
or a bad night or
after she leaves when
you just need
something to help
you fall asleep.

In my romance,
I am not
swallowed whole.

– to be the last romantic, Emma Bleker (via stolenwine)


“I hate the idea of lonely. And I hate the reality of attachment.”

– Reyna Biddy (via saga—masamune)

“I really hate when people let me down, or do something to make me feel small because that’s when I will become insignificant. If I’m insignificant to someone who, at one point, saw greatness in me how the hell do they suppose I won’t adapt the same negative mentality? I get that we are responsible for our own happiness, but I also understand in a place I thought had long died still exists lays shards of those that have left me. When you let me down you are putting a small puncture in the adoration I’m building towards you. Every second you make me feel weak is another second of me you’ll lose. I’m a firm believer in that you get what you give, but love and I? That might just be the only place my motto is wrong. I give myself completely to people, I’ve been asked why I have no walls. My response to this? I do not concern myself with building walls for I am too busy building & mending bridges. I do not wallow in what I have lost, I look ahead with hope towards what I am still capable and ready to achieve. I am ready to find some happiness in this sick, sad world we are living in… I will claw until my knuckles bleed to get where I need to be. Is it too much to ask that someone equally as amazing can meet me at the top so we can lick each other’s wounds?”

– Thoughts from my head. (via itsallhearsay)

  • Okay, it's 5am, so this episode will be the last episode for tonight.
  • *ends on cliff hanger*
  • *deep, long sigh*
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“Pure love for another person, and what people call romantic love, are two different things. Pure love doesn’t manipulate the relationship to one’s advantage, but romantic love is different. Romantic love contains other elements—the desire to be loved by the other person, for instance. If purely loving another was enough, you wouldn’t suffer because of unrequited love. As long as the other person was happy, there wouldn’t be any need to suffer because you weren’t being loved in return. What makes people suffer is the desire to be loved by another person. So I decided that romantic love and pure love for a person are not the same. And that by following this you could lessen the pain of unrequited love.”

– Haruki Murakami (via fy-perspectives)

“Forgiveness has its comforts, but it can never give you back what you’ve lost.”

– Jonathan Tropper, One Last Thing Before I Go (via simply-quotes)


*goes to bed at 2am instead of 5am* wow, my life is so in order right now.  i’m making such good decisions for myself and my body and my soul and im so in love with myself for doing this

Does anyone know how not to compare yourself to others? Like esp my ex bf’s ex. I can’t stop comparing myself to how she looks and how I look. I just feel like she’s so much prettier than I am. Not to mention she’s skinnier. I mean, we are different in the fact that she has two children (one with him) and she’s only 22; and she doesn’t work or go to school.

I have no children, I’m 27, and I am a nanny and go to school for Legal Studies and might apply to Law school after; but I still feel like because she’s skinnier than I am that I am not good enough.

Idk how to stop thinking like this. She’s not spectacularly beautiful. And she’s not super skinny. But she’s pretty without make up. And she’s smaller than me.

Idk if it has to do with the fact that he left me for her last year or what.

If I could get these thoughts to stop, I would be golden. I just don’t know how.

If anyone reads this and has advice, I would seriously seriously appreciate it.

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i have the ugliest body ever i want a refund 


i dont need a date i need cash